Our Expertise

Reliability and stability of optical and electronic performance

Longevity even under extremely variable ambient conditionsĀ 

Constant, error free functionality, ease of use and operation

Our Methods


Thorough design and testing of the electronic systems for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


Rigid mounting technology for durable precision of optical adjustment


Resistant mechanical and optical surfaces (scratch and impact resistant, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, UV resistant)


Protection of the optics from condensate by using non-outgassing materials and additives, as well as sealing methods with inert gas filling.


Comprehensive environmental testing regarding temperature, humidity, salt, dust, vibrations, and shocks

Typical Applications

  • Use at construction sites and in mining
  • Production plants with vibrations and heat sources
  • Devices for outdoor use
  • Assemblies treatable by autoclave


  • Optical measuring systems for laser based shaft alignment

    Development of an optical measuring system for demanding fields of use

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  • Objective lens for 3-D laser scanner

    Lightweight design for airborne applications

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  • Laser range-finding at 905 nm

    Compact integration of optics, mechanics and electronics

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  • Objective lens for day/night vision device

    Compact unit with 7 lenses and high-quality color

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You can also reach us by phone!
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Fr. from 7.30 am to 12 pm (CET)

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