Our Expertise

Units optimized for weight by seamless integration of high-precision optics, lightweight mechanics and high frequency electronics

High functionality available in a very confined space

Highest precision by purposefully exploiting existing limits

Our Methods


Individual optomechanical layout – reduced to the specific challenges


Compact, optical design with aspheric lenses, high-index glasses and plastics, intelligent folding and combination of beam paths


Safe going to the limits based on experience and testing: Optimized shape of all components, high-strength light metal alloys (Mg, Al), innovative joining technology


Intelligent power management with algorithms and sensor systems for minimized battery size (e.g. automatic shutdown)

Typical Applications

  • Portable, easy to carry devices
  • Measuring devices on UAV* and other flying objects
  • Dynamically moved, optical installations in production plants
  • Highly integrated measuring systems for in-line process control and quality assurance

* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


  • Objective lens for 3-D laser scanner

    Lightweight design for airborne applications

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  • Objective lens for day/night vision device

    Compact unit with 7 lenses and high-quality color

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  • Laser range-finding at 905 nm

    Compact integration of optics, mechanics and electronics

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  • Optical measuring systems for laser based shaft alignment

    Development of an optical measuring system for demanding fields of use

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You can also reach us by phone!
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Fr. from 7.30 am to 12 pm (CET)

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