Excellent color correction for absolute color fidelity

Extremely comfortable thanks to lightweight design

Prescription lenses optional

Loupes for medical applications

Medical loupes with outstanding image quality

Our vast experience in long-range optics, our expertise in high-resolution imaging, and our innovations in the field of optical coatings has enabled us to develop and produce high-end loupes for medical applications. Unlike long-range optical devices, loupes require expertise in finite imaging systems. Two options are available: Galilei systems and Kepler systems. The lightweight Galilei systems are ideal for routine work that requires a wide field of view.

The Kepler systems are suitable for high-magnification work because of their excellent image quality. They are both used in dental surgery. These binocular loupes are extremely comfortable to wear, even for longer periods, because of their special lightweight construction.

Optimizing weight was the main challenge for our designers. The loupes must be consistently manufactured in high volumes while maintaining outstanding image quality. So, for example, the light path cannot be shortened. State-of-the-art optical coatings ensure excellent image quality. We use anti-reflection coatings, color mixtures, and phase coatings.

Loupes for medical applications – requirements:

  • Flexibility: Option of fitting prescription lenses thanks to special sleeves
  • Hygiene: Easy cleaning (thanks to uniform surfaces)
  • Durability: Thanks to abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant surfaces
  • RoHS & REACH-compliant

Technical details KL 70

  • Magnification: 5,7x
  • Resolution: 31 lp/mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Transmission: >90%
  • Functional temperature: -25°C bis 55°C

Technical details KL 50

  • Magnification: 4,3x
  • Resolution: 28 lp/mm
  • Weight: 65g
  • Transmission: >90%
  • Functional temperature: -25°C bis 55°C

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