Our Expertise

High-contrast imaging as a prerequisite for accurate detail identification, signal acquisition and image processing

Finely tuned, integrated illumination for well-defined process or analytical results

Adaptive systems for a flexible use through rapid zoom or focus adjustments

Our Methods


Optical design based on refractive and diffractive simulation. Stochastic analysis to safeguard error budgets.


Fine-tuning of optical adjustment on special jigs with integrated wave front measuring and MTF.


Low-noise contrast values deploying beam paths that are virtually free from interfering ghosts or spurious reflections. Simulation and design of traps for diffused light. Use of highly absorbing surfaces.


Optimized for specific wavelengths. Achromatic corrections for broadband applications in VIS and NIR.

Typical Applications

  • Machine vision (e.g. telecentric lens)
  • Medical and ophthalmological devices
  • Long-range optical instruments
  • Automated production systems with optical process control


  • Binocular Dental Loupes

    Medical loupes with outstanding image quality

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  • High Resolution Telecentric Lens for 1.1" Sensor

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  • Objective lens for day/night vision device

    Compact unit with 7 lenses and high-quality color

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  • Objective lens for 3-D laser scanner

    Lightweight design for airborne applications

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